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My husband and I fell in love with Swissys when we got our first Greater Swiss Mountain Dog puppy in 2003.  Little did we know at the time that our little puppy, Barney, would lead us into a whole new world of "all things dog" and change our lives forever. You can read more about our story here.

Since then, we've added more Swissy puppies to our family and have spent many years showing dogs, raising puppies, training dogs, and studying all aspects of our fur-children.  We started our breeding program after much preparatiion and careful consideration of the responsibilites that we assume as breeders.  We don't operate a kennel; our dogs are first and foremost treasured family members who live with us, sleep with us, and travel everywhere with us.  It is never our desire to own more dogs than we can accommodate living with us in our home and to whom we can give individualized attention and training.  So we don't produce a lot of puppies, but we strive to produce very special puppies. 

Our goal as Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Breeders is to contribute, in our own small way, to the betterment of the breed we love by producing puppies who are are sound in Body, Mind, and Spirit.  

                 Katie and Randy Markley          


We hope you enjoy exploring our website to learn more about us, our breeding program, and our Greater Swiss Mountain Dog puppies. If you have any questions or would like to come to SwissKiss Farm to meet our dogs, please contact us.  There's nothing we'd rather do than talk about Swissys!

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SwissKiss Farm - Home of "Oliver" !

BISS Platinum GCH CH Painted Mtn Oliver Twist of Fate

  • #1 Swissy in America in 2013 and 2012.
  • #3 Swiss in America in 2011 and 2010.   
  • National Specialty Top 20 Winner
  • National Specialty Top 20 People's Choice Award
  • Westminster BOB Winner
  • Multiple BISS
  • Multiple Group I placements
  • The only Swissy to achieve the Platinum (highest level) Grand Championship
  • More breed wins in a single year than any dog in the history of the breed!
  • Many progency who have achieved their Championships and Grand Championships

                                               More About Oliver  

 Oliver Top Twenty

Oliver Family



May 25, 2016

The April Showers Puppies are 4-Weeks Old.


The Puppy Adventures Begin!

Click the link below to meet Tyler, Ringo, Rainey, and Sparkle in the adventures of the April Showers Puppies...

4-Week Photos



Oliver Family Steals the Show!

Oliver and his offspring swept the Harrisburg, PA dog show on April 12th!  

Daddy Oliver - Best of Breed

Daughter Moliver - Best of OppositeSon Tank - Best of Winners

Daughter Odet - Select Bitch

It was a great day for Oliver and his family!

Oliver & Moliver !

Oliver and his daughter Moliver claimed BOB and BOS at the Leesburg, VA show in October, 2014.

Two of SwissKiss Farm Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs

Oliver Clan Steals the Show !

The Macuingie, PA Show in September was the most fun I've ever had at a dog show. 

Oliver: BOB
Oliver Daughter Moliver: BOS
Oliver Daughter Cassie: SEL
Oliver Son Cromwell:  WD/BOW
Oliver Daughter Odet:  WB

It just doesn't get better than that!