Show Career

Our Oliver is a very special boy and we're so proud of his accomplishments.

Oliver entered the show ring at 6 months of age and earned his Championship at just 11 months of age.  He went on to win his bronze, silver, and gold Grand Championships and, in 2013, he became the first and still the only Swissy, to attain the Platinum (highest) level Grand Championship. 

Oliver finished as the #1 Swissy in America in 2013 and 2012.  He finished #3 in 2011, and 2010.  He's won multiple group placements, including many Group 1's, and has won multiple specialty shows.  He's broken all records for the breed by earning more breed points in a single year than any other Swissy in history.

Oliver won Best-of-Breed at the Westminster Dog Show in 2011, won the Top 20 Award at the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog National Specialty in 2012, and won the Top 20 People's Choice Award at the National Specialty in 2013.


Structure and Movement

Oliver is a very sound, solid, drafty dog with great bone and substance.  He has a (dare I say)  perfect front, beautiful sloping shoulders, broad muscular thighs, and a large, wide head.   His movement is flawless.  Oliver's outstanding structure gives him tremendous reach and drive and he covers a lot of ground smoothly and effortlessly with an absolute solid, level topline.    


Oliver Movement


Oliver is 27-3/4 inches tall at the withers and is well-muscled at 140 pounds.  Swimming helps keep Oliver in peak condition. 


Oliver Swimming


Life with Oliver

Oliver is … all about Oliver!   That’s what he’d tell you.   He’s definitely not your laid-back Swissy. 

His personality is best described as "robust".  He's very bold, outgoing, and in-your-face.  He has good doggie manners and likes to play with other dogs, large and small.  His people manners are not so good.  He often intimidates people by greeting them with a a big Swissy BAROO.  Those who don't back away find that all he wants is to be petted.  He demands petting and attention by barking and giving people a head butt.  (Yes, I know, we shouldn't allow it, but we just love his exuberance).   At the end of the day, Oliver is a big cuddle pup and just loves to be hugged.   When children are climbing all over him, he's a happy dog.

Oliver craves ACTION!  He's extremely  active, athletic, confident and spirited.  He loves swimming, running, playing on agility equipment, carting, pack hiking, and romping with other dogs.  He also excels at surfing... counter-surfing!  His robust personality energizes our lives and his endless mischievous antics provide a constant source of entertainment.  He's a very smart and cunning canine... it's still a challenge to try to out-smart Oliver!   He has no fear of anything and greets every new adventure with confidence and gusto. 

Life with Oliver is a thrill a minute... he's just so much fun.  He's a once-in-a-lifetime dog and we're so thankful to his breeder, Lisa Simonsen, for allowing us the opportunity to be owned by Oliver.